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Cre8tivePick Art and Crafts For Kids

Do not know where to start with these DIY art and craft kit?
Fret not! We will email you an e-book which provides step-by-step guide on how to create fun art & craft with these art supplies.
The e-book makes it easier for little arty creator to get started. Thereafter the potential is unlimited.

Perfect Christmas / Birthday Gift For Children
With these art craft kit, the kids can unleash their creativity and imagination.
The little arty creator can create their favourite characters, Christmas reindeer, snowman, Christmas socking, Christmas Tree,
adorable animals, cool airplane and the list goes on. Cre8tivePick will release different eBook for every seasons.
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Kids Craft Set includes:
1) 50 Colored Popsicle sticks 2.55in x 0.39in
2) 50 Colored Popsicle sticks 3.54in x 0.39in
3) 50 Colored Popsicle sticks 5.9in x 0.59in
4) 20 Colored Clothes Pins / Clothes Clips (Green, Red, White, Yellow and Brown)
5) 100 Pipe Cleaners / Chenilli Stems
6) 100 Pom poms balls 0.78in
7) 100 Pom poms balls 0.39in
8) 20 Assorted Colored Feathers
9) 42 Self-Adhesive Googly eyes (Assorted sizes of 0.39in, 0.59in, 0.78in)
10) 47 pairs of emoji expressions stickers / eyes stickers
11) Waterproof Reusable Bag
12) Free eBook (Email in softcopy)

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EXCLUSIVE COMPLIMENTARY E-BOOK - Art and craft ideas with step by step guide on how to create interesting art craft. This eBook makes it easier to get started with these fun craft set for kids. The potential is unlimited. It is endless fun for the kids.
UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY - Everything you need to build creativity is packed all-in-one mega pack. The chenille stems / pipe cleaners, pompoms balls, popsicle sticks, clothes pegs / clothespins, self-adhesive wiggle googly eyes, assorted colored feathers and cute emoji eyes stickers are easy to use. It encourages imagination and learning development, exploring the different texture, shape and fun creative activities for kids.
KIDS FUN ART CRAFT SUPPLIES - Suitable for Classroom Art Projects, Holidays Decorations, Preschooler Craft Lesson, Homeschooling Activities, Kindergarten DIY Art Craft Materials, Sensory Activities, Great Birthday Gift Ideas, Christmas Present for children. Package contains small parts which is NOT suitable for children below 3 years old. Recommended for 4 years old and above.
DIY ART SET PACKAGE INCLUDES: a) 3 Different Length of Colored Popsicle Sticks, b) 2 Different Sizes of Pompoms Balls, c) Assorted Self-adhesive Wiggle Googly Eyes, d) Cute Emoji Eyes Sticker, e) 100 Assorted Pipe Cleaners, f) Assorted Colorful Feathers, g) 20 Assorted Colored Wooden Clothespins for Craft, h) Reusable Waterproof Bag I) Free eBook Guide (Email in softcopy)
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