Defending the Flock: A Security Guide for Church Safety D...

Defending the Flock: A Security ...


For too many churches, security is only a passing concern. They lock the doors to the vestibule when services are not being performed. Perhaps they even have some sort of alarm system in place to prevent break-ins. The sad truth is that this is not nearly enough. We live in troubled times, and they’re only becoming more dire with each passing day. Today’s churches face threats from a myriad of sources, ranging from natural disasters to active shooters, and everything in between. It is essential that you are prepared to protect those who enter your doors to worship, and that you’re capable of protecting them from a wide range of threats. This book was designed to provide you with the guidance, instruction, training and preparedness materials required to do just that. We help you answer pressing questions, including: • Is your church prepared for emergencies? • What will your congregation do in the face of severe weather? • Where will disabled congregation members evacuate to in the event of a fire? • Are the children within your congregation protected against physical and sexual abuse, as well as neglect? • Is your administrative staff trustworthy? Do you have practices in place to prevent financial theft? • Are you prepared for gun-related violence within your church? We begin with a detailed look at the situation facing today’s churches, including eye-opening national statistics concerning active shooter situations, destruction from fires, financial threats, bomb threats, severe weather, and more. Each threat is addressed separately, and each chapter provides a detailed walkthrough on the topic, followed by a discussion of how to teach the material to Church Safety Team members. Speaking of the Church Safety Team, you’ll also gain valuable insight into how to create a Church Safety Committee, a Church Safety Team, how to interview and vet candidates to ensure you’re building the best possible team, and a great deal more. Ultimately, it comes down to ensuring that your congregation, grounds and church are protected by sheepdogs – individuals dedicated to keeping the wolves of the world at bay. We invite you to learn more. Find out for yourself just what steps must be taken in order to protect the God’s children.

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