Eye Vitamins 20mg Lutein & 4mg Zeaxanthin and VIT A&E for...

Eye Vitamins 20mg Lutein & 4mg Z...


Higher Levels of Lutein & Zeaxanthin for Maximum Eye Health Support

ZEBORA doubles lutein and zeaxanthin contains 20mg of lutein (not from lutein ester) and 4mg of zeaxanthin for your maximum eye health support.
Most lutein products in the market contain lutein esters instead oflutein. Lutein esters need the step of hydrolysis to release lutein to be absorbed.
ZEBORA lutein product contain lutein instead of lutein ester, which can be absorbed directly and 10 times efficient than with Lutein esters.

On the Cutting Edge of Nutritional Science Formula with Superior Ingredients
We added the most important key ingredients used in the AREDS 2 studies. Lutein & zeaxanthin are powerful antioxidants that make up the macula pigment, found in high quantities of the retina. Lutein is more prominent at the edges of the retina and in the rods, while zeaxanthin is primarily concentrated in the centre of the retina and the cones. Both work together to support healthy vision by:
Helping the eyes adapt to variations in light intensity
Helping to detect colour contrast
Reducing eye visual stress and maintain healthy visual function
Increasing macular pigment concentrations
Protecting eyes from blue light

By Adding Blueberry, Vitamin A & E Make ZEBORA Different.
Blueberry contains strong antioxidant compounds protects the eyes from free radical affect caused by blue light and relieves visual fatigue.
Vitamin A is beneficial when fighting inflammation in the eye.
Vitamin E improves night vision as well as maintains general eye health.

ZEBORA Eye Vitamins Perfect for:
People who spend long time staring at digital displays.
Students who need to nutritional supplements to improve eyes vision.
People who wearing contact lenses, it helps to moisturizing the eyes.
Especially for people who have existing eye unhealth, lutein can improve eye health and vision.

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BASE ON AND EXPAND ON AREDS 2: LUTEIN & ZEAXANTHIN are Two major antioxidant carotenoids naturally and highly concentrated in the eye's macula and lens. Both of them protect the macula from degradation normally associated with aging and oxidative stress which is the important findings base on AREDS 2.
ADVANCED SCIENTIFIC FORMULA: Each tablet contains 20 mg lutein and 4 mg Zeaxanthin, which are more efficient than with lutein esters. Blueberries are formulated to reduce eye fatigue since it contains anthocyanins and eye-nourishing phytonutrients. Vitamin A & E are included to fight inflammation and aid Dry Eye. Vitamin E improves night vision as well as maintains general eye health, also helping the absorption of lutein and zeaxanthin.
REDUCE BLUE LIGHT PROBLEM FROM SCREENS AND SUNLIGHT: With long time staring at digital displays, blue light from digital displays can penetrate to the back of the eye, weakening the cells in the retina which can permanently affect vision and eventually lead to a series of problems including macular degeneration. Zeaxanthin and lutein are believed to absorb blue light and enhance quality of vision.
STRONG SCIENTISTS TEAM: Our scientist team are from those outstanding scientists in Harvard Medical School and the doctors from Brigham and Women's Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Manufactured in GMP-certified facility using only the highest quality ingredients. Products are shelf stable that does NOT require refrigeration. Extracted from dark green, leafy vegetables with Non-GMO and gluten free. 2 month fully supply!

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