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Mobile air conditioners sliding window PVC seal kit can be used with all portable air conditioners with 5.9"/15cm Diameter exhaust hoses. Please check the compatibility of your AC Air Conditioner exhaust hose size.
Colour: White.

Top Features:
Stable window seal for air conditioners.
For use in sliding windows.
Prevents entry of hot air thereby increasing the efficiency of the air conditioner

Stable window sealing set made from PVC for installation of mobile air conditioners.

Flexible size 67-120 cm via reciprocally movable sealing rails.

Suitable for horizontal or vertical installation in sliding windows.

Now get even more power from your mobile air conditioning unit with the window seal set . The stable sealing set made from PVC seals sliding windows around
the vent hose of your air conditioner to prevent the penetration of warm air into thespace.
This increases the efficiency of your air conditioner considerably.
Installation is simple and straightforward: the sliding seal is fixed in the window gap, it does not matter whether it closes vertically or horizontally.
The PVC panels slide into one another and can be easily fixed with small screws, allowing you to seal window openings 67-120 cm in length.
The exhaust hose of your air conditioner finds its place and is securely fixed with a suitable fixing ring .
Another positive effect: in addition to the hot air,insects such as wasps, flies and mosquitos are hindered from entering your home.

Manufacturer: JIANZHENKEJI

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User-friendly design: universal model, suitable for all portable air conditioners with 5.9" diameter hoses
Innovative ways:PVC clamping rail can be installed on all types of sliding windows both vertically and horizontally and can therefore be used variably.
Flexible use:6.3 "Width telescoping sealing rails, the seal size of the rail can be variably adjusted between 67 and 120 cm
Quality Assurance: durable PVC material, low weight can be easily attached and removed and stored space-saving when not in use.
Energy saving and reliable: The window seal for mobile air conditioning systems with exhaust air hose prevents the ingress of hot air and thus increases the efficiency of the device.

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