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Important notes must read before starting the engine.

When the engine starts fresh, you need to be careful during the break-in period or the engine will break or seize due to improper use.

For the first two tanks, use oil mixture 16 : 1 which is about 8oz of oil per gallon of gasoline, don't go over 20 miles per hour and keep your rides in less than 20 minutes to let the engine cool down. When your engine is cool enough not burning your hand usually about 30 minutes, that's when you can ride again.

For the second two tanks, use oil mixture ratio 6oz of oil per gallon of gasoline, follow the same guideline above when riding.

After 4 tanks, use oil mixture ration 4oz of oil per gallon of gasoline forever, DON'T go below of this ratio.

Above steps to ensure a long life engine for longer rides. Please note, the motor is NOT designed for racing, if you keep the throttle wide open at all time, eventually you will blow up the motor.


80CC 2-stroke engine kit will fit 26" or 28" Bicycle.

This bike motor kit comes with everything that you will need, except gas and oil!

For your first start, if no spark, the mostly problem is CDI box or mageto, check it and we can provide replacement for free.

Package Includes:

1. User manual

2. 80cc 2-stroke EPA certified engine

3. Sprocket clamp assembly with hardware

4. EPA Cat. Converter exhaust muffler with heat shield (silver)

5. Push button clutch

6. Heavy duty chain

7. Bearing chain tensioner / idler

8. Carburetor

9. CD ignition coil

10. Kill switch (on throttle)

11. Chain guard

12. Spark plug

13. 2L black gas tank with mounting brackets

14. Muffler assembly

15. Exhaust pipe clamp

16. Plug removal tool

17. Standard universal mounting bracket

If need installation video, please contact us

Manufacturer: Seeutek

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80cc bicycle engine kit with speedometer.This bike engine kit fits most mens' 24" and larger bicycles which includes mountain, cruiser, chopper and road bikes with a V-frame and at least a 8.5" height clearance for the engine. Larger frame size requires drilling into bike frame and use of the universal face plate. Large bikes (with larger frames/down tubes) may require the universal motor mount.
80cc bike motor kit, Mode of engine: single cylinder, air-cooling, 2-stroke; model of chain:415; chain length:110 links, 55 inches. Driving ratio:18: 01,fuel type:No.90;lubrication oil: motorcycle synthetic 2 stroke oil.
Maximum Power: 2.2kW/600r/min; Rated Power: 1.5Kw/5000r/min; Horse power: 2.75 HP. Ignition type: CDI. Engine Type: Single cylinder, air-cooling, 2-stroke; Chain Model: 415 heavy duty chain; Chain Length: 110 links
Be assured the mixing ratio for fuel and oil:16:1 for break period (first 300 miles) / 20:1 after(18:1 is much better in summer because of the hot weather);air cylinder might take some time to adjust to the load. Thus to avoid possible complications for the motor, please limit the riding time to a maximum of 1 hour for the first few rides.
For screw and bolts easily broken,we have upgraded premium quality hex socket screw and bolts to improve the performance.Notes:The rider needs basic hardware skills, tools,and around 2-3 hours for installation and fine tuning adjustments.If you don't have experience or the first time on installing the motor kit,before installing,please kindly read our instruction and search "80cc bicycle engine kit" on youtube,it will give a big help and troubleshoot a lot of issues during installation process.

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