Serious Skincare SSC BOGO FirmAFace

Serious Skincare SSC BOGO FirmAFace


Serious Skincare FIRMA-FACE XR All Over Skin Tightener Gives aging skin an instant, temporary lift. Smooth over your face and allow it to set. Rinse off, and within minutes lines and wrinkles are instantly smoothed. The invisible formula absorbs quickly, working to re-connect and tighten the look of your skin's surface.

Manufacturer: Serious Skincare

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Offers a temporary increase in skin's firmness within minutes
Provides a temporary reduction in wrinkle depth instantly
An all-over facial firmer that works with your skins surface
Utilizes nanofied technology to work with your skins imperfections
Provides instant firming 100% of the woman who tried FirmA-face just one time felt they had firmer skin immediately

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